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Feel confident

knowing your CPA Firm will be in contact year-round.

Proactive member benefits

for a small set of clients from a Certified Tax Coach and team.

Peace of mind

knowing you have a trusted CPA Firm on your journey with you.

Our Membership

At Rhyne CPA & Associates, we offer our tax advising services through a monthly subscription. Unlike other CPA firms, that offer help only during the tax season, we work closely with our limited number of members year-round to help them move toward their preferred future.

Our memberships are individually priced and can be canceled at any time. We believe in taking care of our members on their financial journey, and this method provides the ideal scenario to do so.

Strategic, Year-Round Tax Planning

How We Can Help

Before you take tax advice from someone else, buy anything, or make any big life changes give us a call.

Tax Coaching

As the only Certified Tax Coach in this area, Rhyne CPA & Associates specializes in year-round tax planning services to ensure members proactively make the best decisions to save on taxes.

Tax Strategies

We specialize in finding deductions, credits, and strategies in real time - when you’re making decisions during the course of the year, so you don’t overpay taxes, and you maximize your returns.

Trusted Partner

As a member, you pay monthly which opens the door to an ongoing relationship with regularly scheduled meetings. We are available whenever questions arise and will correctly capture all the strategies when we prepare your tax return.

What Makes Us Different

Rhyne CPA & Associates

Most CPA Firms

Individual Attention for Our Limited Number of Members

Our Process

1. Book
a Discovery Call

We learn about you. Your lifestyle, your wants, and your dreams. We see if we’re a good fit, and if so, we move forward.

2. Become a member and get your tax plan

You start with a ProActive Tax Plan that looks at your business and investments as they pertain to tax strategies and asset protection.

3. We help you implement throughout the year

As a member, we are there to guide you in putting these tax saving strategies into practice. We continually evaluate your tax situation to make sure you’re on the right path.

4. Peace of Mind

Have a trusted CPA firm on your journey while transforming your financial story and your life.

What is a certified Tax Coach?

A Certified Tax Coach goes beyond traditional tax services to redefine your financial journey. As a Certified Tax Coach, Mary Rhyne, CPA, CTC along with her team, believes tax planning should be a dynamic and collaborative process, tailored to your specific goals and aspirations.

Certified Tax Coaches are equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to uncover hidden opportunities within the tax code, providing you with a roadmap to financial prosperity. Whether you’re a business owner seeking to optimize deductions or a real estate investor looking to secure your financial future, we are committed to demystifying the tax landscape and guiding you to a brighter and more financially secure tomorrow. Embrace the power of strategic tax planning – partner with Rhyne CPA & Associates and transform your financial story today.

What is a certified Tax Coach?

We're a good fit if you…

We're not a good fit if you...

Thoughtful guidance to get you the most out of your tax return

Filing your taxes can be an intimidating process. It’s easy to feel like the system is against you and hard to find a CPA who understands and cares about your unique financial and lifestyle situation. At Rhyne CPA & Associates, we take a personalized, strategic, proactive approach to help maximize your return. Whether you are saving for that dream trip, going through a big life transition, running a small business, or are just seeking more financial stability and certainty, we can help.


  • Bryant W.

    I cannot speak more highly of Mary. She is professional, detail oriented and clearly concerned about me and my business. She is very responsive and personable too!

  • Tom L.

    Very simple tax process. Software is easy to use and she answered all my questions.

  • Judy S.

    When I moved to NC, I was so fortunate to find Mary Rhyne. She is extremely knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. She found errors in prior returns and saved me a ton of taxes. Highly recommend her for anyone needing a CPA.

  • Brian H.

    In my opinion, managing the finances is the least fun part of being an independent consultant. I always felt unsure of what I was supposed to be doing and when. Mary is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and willing to invest the time to help me understand this vital side of the business. Mary worked to create a plan for the business and payroll which creates more time to focus on the creative side. Mary is the best!

  • Alexandria S.

    Mary was Voted best tax preparer in Wilmington for 2020! Cant say im surprised shes definitely the best accountant. Her and her team are so responsive and helpful, really makes tax season less stressful. Definitely recommend!

  • Andy M.

    Mary Rhyne has provided timely and affordable tax service for us. We are glad to have her doing our taxes.

  • Donna D.

    Mary Rhyne has been doing the taxes of my husband and I now for three years. She is always very efficient and knowledgeable.

  • Genevieve S.

    Mary has been wonderful as my accountant. I understand her completely, which I have not with other accountants. I recommend her highly.

  • Eric P.

    Mary and her staff have always been reliable, helpful and a crucial part of our business from the very beginning of our business. I have worked with numerous CPAs and few compare to her ability and attention to detail. I would recommend her to anyone at any time!

  • Amanda M.

    Mary has done our taxes two years in a row and has been wonderful! Smart, professional, knowledgeable, and has been able to plan, project, and file our taxes correctly both years. We highly recommend her!